What other people say


joy short

"By the end of the interview I was full of joy and gratitude for my life and for the opportunity to share my story."

"I really loved working with Sandra. I woke up on the day we'd planned to shoot feeling extremely low and really resistant to the idea of talking about joy, but as soon as I arrived, she sat me down and made me feel comfortable and glad to be there. Sandra's questions were thoughtful and made me think and go within to find the answers, and by the end of the interview, I was full of joy and gratitude for my life and for the opportunity to share my story. I am very grateful and excited to work with Sandra on future projects. Thank you for including me!" - Tenille Lindeque


ibalibox story

"This quality you have, adds heart and authenticity to your work! "

"Thank you so much for the time we spent together creating a video for my educational product. From the get go you were enthusiastic, open to ideas and more than happy to contribute your thoughts from a creative point of view to the practicalities of the shoot - from beginning to end.

I so value the joy and enthusiasm you have for your craft and profession, your interest in both me and the product and the time you took to set up the shoots, the interviews and post shoot conversations. Your patience, professionalism, direction and vision was appreciated hugely."


Cape Camino 1000

"With over 5 years of running Cape Camino and working with film makers I have never seen our message so accurately shown."

"Sandra's work is of exceptional quality. She managed to capture our brand's message/ethos and showcase it beautifully on film in a series of short clips.
With over 5 years of running Cape Camino, and working with film makers, I have never seen our message so accurately shown. She understood our brief without much explanation and if something wasn't clear she was open and easy to communicate with.

Her work is delivered speedily and when we've requested edits she does not hesitate to do them. She owns and has access to excellent film equipment.
I foresee a long relationship with Sandra and recommend her as a film maker and content creator." - Peggy Coetzee-Andrew