"Experiencing joy is an expression of the soul"

Sandra is a sparkling personality who listens with her heart and loves unexpected discoveries. She is a passionate interviewer and filmmaker and lives by the motto: joy can change the world.

Sandra studied International Business Studies and Cinematography, lived in South-Africa and Namibia and dreams of a world in which joy is our starting point.

Over the last few years she’s worked hard to get ready for realising her biggest dream: interviewing people from all over the world, capturing their inspiring stories on camera and sharing those with the world.

As soon as international travel is allowed again, she will fly back to South Africa to pack her ‘African Queen’ (her old Landrover Defender) and drive up north to start filming her documentary on joy.

"Yes, joy can change our world!"

"Ever since I was a child I have had an inexplicable love for Africa. And I have always been fascinated by joy.
Although I didn’t know the word joy at the time. I probably called it positive vibes, enthusiasm or passion for life.

In 2016 I heard myself say to a friend: 'Yes, but joy can change the world!’. I instantly felt it was true. In talking to people about it I was encouraged to further research the topic of joy to find more evidence for this bold statement. I started to interview people about joy. Mainly in Africa.

These interviews have been extremely insightful.
I indeed found evidence that joy is immensely powerful and that everyone can experience it.
Regardless of the circumstances.

I came to understand why I have always had and still have a love for Africa:
Africa has something truly beautiful and powerful to share with the world: the power of JOY.

The joy I find in interviewing people, in being on the road and my deepest desire to contribute positively to this world
has led to the idea of making a documentary on joy.

I believe that the time is right to share with the world how we can find joy, how we live with joy and how we can share it.
Well, we don’t really have to do anything for the latter, because even scientists agree: joy is (highly) contagious.
And joy resides in all of us. In abundance. It is just waiting for us to unleash it.

It is my dream to contribute to unleashing this amazing potential in people and make the world a more joyful place."

Africa led me to my journey within

In 2016 I decided to move to the country that my soul truly longed for: South Africa.

It meant a huge change; from an incredibly busy (social) life I suddenly found myself in the stillness of nature. Being on my own most of the time took me on a deep journey within.

A rough ride at times, as I was confronted with all sorts of old patterns, habits and thought processes that weren’t very helpful.

But I clearly needed it to get back onto my own path of joy.

A path that led me to buy an old Landrover Defender and travel through the southern part of Africa, where me and my partner-in-crime interviewed and filmed people and talked to them about joy.

I so loved what happened during these conversations that I realised the value of making a documentary on this topic. But, as I had no experience in film making whatsoever, I decided to take another leap of faith. I moved to Cape Town to study cinematography.

I graduated in December 2019 and discovered a passion for capturing the essence of people's soul and journey on camera.

I can't wait to get back to Africa, get my old Landie ready for the road and start filming more and more people about joy. Capturing the African beauty, joy and strength on camera to share it with the world, because I believe that joy can change our world.

"Don't make life perfect, make it awesome!"