Soulful video productions

Nothing is more beautiful to me than discovering the true essence of people and places.

Being able to capture that on camera is not only an incredibly joyful experience to me,

but also a beautifully touching and empowering one for the persons being filmed.


A million steps for love

"So beautiful, so exciting. It is made from the heart. The documentary truly is a gem. A film made from the heart for our hearts."

"So beautifully captured... I have watched it a few times now and each time I am stirred even deeper." - in response to the trailer

"I absolutely love the trailer, the music, the footage, everything. I really can't wait to see the full version. You did a superb job with it." - our Palestinian guide's response on the trailer

High heels & hiking boots

Sometimes in life ...

... you have to take a leap of faith.

My leap led me to throw away my high heels and leave the corporate world.

I moved to Africa to live on a farm in a tiny little village. Where I wore my hiking boots or flip flops.

Or actually, no shoes at all :-).

This whole journey started with one single phrase: joy can change the world.

I really felt that it was true.

And I needed to find out how.

I started interviewing people about it,

and read whatever I could find on the topic.

I experienced moments of absolute joy, but I also lost the joy.

To be honest, I completely lost it.

I felt no reason to wake up...

And so the inner journey began.

It was a rough ride. Very lonely at times. With moments of darkness, despair and pain.

But I guess that was exactly what I needed to discover the depth of my soul.

And my own joy.

I discovered what it means to express myself. I discovered my creative side.

I learned it is okay to not be Miss Perfect. I learned it is okay to make mistakes. Even very silly ones.

For the first time in my life I felt free.

I discovered that engaging in conversations about joy brings me tremendous joy.


More and more often I brought my camera with.

I captured the most beautiful insights.

Those were soulful, safe, deep, healing conversations.

And true, authentic, vulnerable and powerful stories.

Stories that are uplifting.

Stories that make you look inside.

Stories that touch your soul.

Stories that need to be told.

Stories that move you. Upwards, preferably :-).

I wholeheartedly believe that that is what the world needs.

Now, more than ever.